Figured it out my latest burn out…

 ….I’m going to be a little late for the initial start of my comic project but at least I’ll be on time with the finished product.  I was burning out b/c even though I was satisfied with my pace of work and was getting things done I was expending a lot of energy the past few days.  I work from 8-5 every day and I haven’t really gotten a ‘me’ day in a while, including weekends.  

So for almost a week of rigorous work I burned out the last two days and did not do anything.  Today I didn’t work on it once again but I got some sketches out that weren’t related to my main project and it felt good.

I’m still feeling really burned out but I at least got a few days breather before carrying on once again.

Still feeling a bit frustrated and down with a few things but I just have to buck up, shut up, and get shiat done.  I just need to take care of the important stuff right now and then I can go back to my little self dramas.

Gotta continue to fight-o! 

- c a l l i e 

small edit: in general I was working too hard and not enjoying myself so i burned out once again.  Got some rest time and now I’m back to it.